Jewish Visions

    June 3 - 5, 2016

    Stony Point, NY

  • Why SUMMIT? Why now?

    Jewish has entered a new era.


    Together we hold the power, unrealized for generations, to reinterpret and reinvent the core ideas and traditions of our Jewish lives.


    Whether you're a prophet, a pioneer, a pariah, or something else entirely, this is a space, and a time, for you to build the profound ideas and connections that you will use to move your Jewish community forward.


    Ascend at SUMMIT.

  • The Details


    Stony Point Retreat Center, Stony Point NY

    An hour's train ride from Penn Station, Stony Point is nestled on the western bank of the Hudson River. It offers the ideal environs for retreating from the city without going too far from home.



    June 3 - 5, 2016

    With Shavuot around the corner (Sivan 6 / June 11), SUMMIT prepares us for the revelation at Sinai. Come to receive and give your revelation.


    Program begins 5:30 pm on Friday and concludes 1:30 on Sunday. We expect that you will attend for the duration.

  • The Program

    What, specifically, will we be doing at SUMMIT?

    Creating Community

    Come for shabbos, stay for shabbos

    SUMMIT will most certainly make you think. Hard. It may, at points, feel like work (of the best kind). But, it is still shabbos, and the community comes first. Rest assured that at SUMMIT, you will have the opportunity to, well, rest.

    Launching Ideas

    You show me yours and I'll show you mine

    The ideas that we all bring to SUMMIT about the <Jewish> we (want to) practice and the community we (want to) live in are the heart and soul of our time together. Come prepared to present, discuss, and listen to ideas about Jewish life - changing it, building it, strengthening it. Little is sacred. Be ready to question, and be questioned.

    Moving Forward

    We're not doing this for our health

    SUMMIT isn't (just) for fun. SUMMIT is because there aren't enough opportunities to take a structured look at our Jewish selves and our Jewish lives and then, on the basis of what we see, to chart a course of action that will get us where we want to go. At SUMMIT, this is exactly what we will do, collectively and individually.

  • The Organizers

    aka, your SUMMIT dream team

    Josh Krug

    Intellectual Midwife

    I am a Steinhardt Fellow in Education & Jewish Studies at NYU, where I research how Jewish wisdom can be harnessed on behalf of the quest for meaning in life.


    My life’s mission is to use traditional and contemporary Jewish sources to animate and inform the lives of young adults.

    By delivering inspired education, I serve a midwife role to Jewish future(s).

    Isaac Bernstein

    Ambivert Schmoozer

    I live for discourse: asking, and answering, the questions that matter - and helping those around me learn how to ask and how to answer. A life built on questions!


    My passion for Jewish community comes from my time as a Jewish nonprofit professional, a Moishe House resident, a student of Jewish history, an amateur Talmudist, a klezmer trombonist, and, of course, a summer camper!